Must-have Jeans for Fall

From Fall straight through Spring I live in jeans. And because of that I’ve amassed myself quite the little collection. But trends are changing all the time and I love staying on top of them– at least a little bit. So I am seriously pumped to be sharing the latest trend in partnership with ASOS today. Want to know what the must-have jeans for Fall are? Let’s jump right in!!

Ok, y’all. I never ever thought I’d see the day when I said this but MOM JEANS. You know those unflattering high waisted jeans that were big in the 80’s and early 90’s? Well y’all, they’re actually in right now.

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When I first saw the trend, I was like, “nope.” But like many fashion trends that I’m initially resistant to, I decided I should probably at least try them. They’re not really the same unflattering jeans of the 80’s. These ones come with less bagginess and a closer fit. (Although there are plenty of more relaxed versions too if that’s your jam!) But just a word to the wise: I will say that they are SO HIGH-WAISTED, y’all.

I am very short-waisted as it is, but when I tried on my first pair I laughed. The fly came well above my belly button, and there were literally inches between the tops of my jeans and my bra line. But the major plus is that muffin top is nonexistent. And forget about exposed booty too. You’ll be fully covered! Another bonus? They also are perfect for pairing with cropped or boxy sweaters that are so hot right now.

I’ll be completely honest with ya: it took me in a minute to find the perfect pair. Figuring out this new cut with my body type was definitely different! These tend to have less stretch and the higher waist hit me at a different point than other pairs I own! But ASOS has a great feature that allows you to enter in other brands you wear along with the size. And that saved me so much trouble! (If you want to see more pairs that I tried on, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post!)

Also, if you haven’t signed up for ASOS’s 2-day shipping, seriously consider it! It’s $19 for the year, but you get items in two days! (I paid for this on my own out of pocket!) And they offer free returns too. So you can try-on to your heart’s content!

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Sweater | Jeans c/o | Mules | Backpack c/o | Necklace


And here are a few of my other favs if y’all want to see more styles!!

must-have jeans for fall - best mom jeans | Click through to see mom jeans outfit ideas!

Pair one | two | three (same as two, size down!)| four

This post was created in partnership with ASOS!


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  1. Kellyann

    Wow! $19 for a year of two day shipping is awesome, I never knew! These jeans all look great on you – you are BEAUTIFUL, how could they not?!


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