Neutral Modern Living Room

When moving into our new home, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to pin down our vision for our new home. I found myself drawn to more modern furniture, but I still wanted a very livable, comfortable space for our family. In the end, I found a really good mix of more classic pieces mixed with modern furniture for the perfect neutral modern living room. With a mix of tans and grays, I also added touches of navy blue as an accent color.

Neutral Modern Living Room

Truth time: Before moving into our new home, I didn’t give a ton of thought to home decor and design. So putting together a vision for our living room proved to be the most difficult space yet. It’s such a central space in our home! And with an open floor plan it can be seen from every communal space on our first floor! So I really spent a lot of time picking out each and every piece!

It seemed like once I found one or two pieces I liked, it became easier to create a more clear vision for the space. We started with the couch, side table and coffee table. From there, I moved onto the accent chairs and rug. Now, don’t get me started on home decor accents. We haven’t even crossed into that territory yet. 😂 But we have almost all the major pieces of furniture ordered, and I’m excited to see it all come together!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her neutral modern living room mood board, featuring a Crate and Barrel sofa, West Elm leather chairs, and Boutique Rugs rug.

Chandelier | Sofa | Tassel Stripe Pillows (couch) | Lamp | Rug | Coffee Table | Leather Chairs | Side Table | Art Set | Console Table | Gray Tassel Pillow | Gray Stripe Pillow | Blanket | Woven Basket 

Y’all don’t even want to know how many trips I’ve made to Crate and Barrel. I keep finding myself gravitating towards their furniture! We were originally looking at the Lounge ii sofa, but after visiting it in person we realized how deep it truly was. Even at 5’7″ with very long legs, I couldn’t touch the floor when sitting at the back! Thankfully, we discovered the Petite version, which is just a few inches less deep. The taft cement fabric is the perfect neutral mix of gray and tan! 

The next items we purchased were the coffee table and side table. Both pieces have lift-up tops for storage, and they are literally my favorite thing. All the kids toys get put away, keeping the room feeling clean and clutter-free, which is a dream! In our old home we only had one living room space, and it was always filled with toys! 

Most recently, we picked up this rug and the leather chairs from West Elm. The leather chairs were one item that I pained over for months! I looked at so many different versions and almost went with different ones. But thankfully, we measured out the space prior to ordering and realized we needed something more narrow. I am so thankful we realized the others were going to be too big because I love these ones 100 times more! The leather is the softest, most buttery leather, and they truly complete the seating space!

Although we haven’t placed an order yet, we finally picked out a console table last week. It has woven rattan doors, which will tie in perfectly to our woven bar stools and our dining chairs. I also like the lighter wood tone. It’s still a gray wash and similar tone to coordinate with the coffee table!

It finally feels like it’s starting to come together! I can’t wait to start adding decor accents and making it feel like a truly complete space! Where are your favorite shops to find home accent pieces? I see a lot of trips to Home Goods in our future!


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