My Best Style Advice for Cold Weather Days

It’s ridiculously cold outside. I bet you knew that, huh? This whole “polar vortex” thing just ain’t for me. I mean, I do live in the South after all. Since I haven’t discovered a master plan to keep Virginia perpetually above 40 degrees at all times, I’ve found some items that I can’t live without when it gets cold. Even single digit temps can’t get me to completely abandon my fashionista ways. So here are my tips for keep warm while still lookin’ cute.

cold weather advice fashion

1. A cute yet functional coat. This is a no-brainer but the most important on the list. Afterall, your jacket might end up being the only piece people are able to focus on when the rest of your adorable outfit is well under wraps. My favorite? A stadium-cloth coat from J.Crew.

2. Fleece-lined tights and leggings. I really do love my Urban Outfitters fleece-lined tights, but for the coldest of days, the only thing I’ll wear is thicker fleece-lined leggings. The ones I purchased from Target are super-soft, cozy and thick. Yet they lay flat enough to wear under dresses and skirts.

3. Boots – with tread. I typically stick with my Corso Como leather riding boots since they can be worn to the office and have enough tread to keep me from slipping around. But for running around town, there is nothing higher on my list than Hunter boots. I’ve also been loving how Bean Boots are back in a big way.

4. Accessorize: gloves, hats, and scarves. Since I spend minimal time outdoors during the day, I typically just stick to bundling up in a scarf, but any additional time in the elements means more layers for me! Did I mention I’m not a cold weather person?

5. Go animal style. Really want to amp up the warmth factor? Go for faux fur and faux leather accessories!

How do you keep warm in cold weather?

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23 thoughts on “My Best Style Advice for Cold Weather Days

  1. Ashley

    An adorable coat really does make all the difference. And you’re so right about the animal print…it adds so much to an outfit (especially when all you’ll see is the big coat!)

  2. Inge

    These are definitely must-haves for this crazy weather! I’ve yet to get a pair of fleece-lined tights, but they are definitely on my list!

  3. Nina

    My knee length lands end down parka is my savior this year! I have had it for a few winters yet usually only have to wear it a few times. I’ve had it on daily for the past two months! I love the boots you picked out, too. I bought sorels this year and am happy of the investment.

    xo, Nina

  4. Niki

    I completely agree with all of these! Especially the fleece lined leggings! These are coming more and more handy as it seems to get colder and colder!

  5. Alyssa

    Everyone has been raving about fleece-lined leggings. I don’t know how I missed the train on that one, but you better believe I’m hunting a pair down in this weather!

  6. Lisa @ Sorority Life to Army Wife

    You need to get J.Crew to sponsor you! And I’m a big fan of lightweight layers. I think it’s easier to adjust to building temperatures.

  7. Katie

    These are all great tips!! My husband got me fleece lined leggings in my stocking this year (I know- he’s a keeper!!) and I am seriously IN LOVE. Like, hi, how did I not know about them before?! Sooooo soft and warm and incredible.


  8. Laura

    I could not agree more to all these tips! Also a cute travel mug because a nice warm cup of tea or coffee always helps with the chill! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Joanna

    Fantastic advice! I am with youโ€ฆthe cold won’t make me frumpy! I would add that a body-hugging camisole as a first layer does wonders for keeping the warmth factor up. Thanks for the recommendations.


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